Conference Speakers

Plenary: “Technology Professionalism, Security and the Siren Song of Social Media”
Jill Jemison, M.D.

As technologists and information professionals we all know the transformative power of social media but regularly face the on-the-ground reality of the use and misuse of these tools. What’s the middle ground between the “ambient broadcasters” of the millennial generation and banning all engagement?

Jill Jemison is Technology Services Director for the University of Vermont College of Medicine, overseeing infrastructure, programming, support, educational technologies and AV. She is past chair of the Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Information Resources and was founding chair of the GIR Education Technology Working Group. She joined UVM in 2002 to lead the creation of the hybrid E-learning portion of the college’s new integrated medical curriculum. She came to academic medicine after 12 years in journalism, ultimately as the first online editor at Vermont’s largest newspaper. She is a fellow of the AAMC GIR Leadership Institute and has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.


Stewart Brower

Program: “Next-Gen Mentorship for Millennial-Era Librarians
Stewart Brower, MLIS, AHIP

Excellence in medical librarianship can be traced back to many sources: education, practical experience, a caring attitude at work, top-notch professional development, and that most elusive and misunderstood of all factors – strong mentorship. But what, exactly, constitutes mentorship in the 21st Century, and how do we build relationships between protégés and mentors that are truly impactful? What qualities are identified with the best mentors? By examining the traits of the next-gen medical librarian, we will reverse-engineer what factors make for successful mentorship, and inspire the newest librarians to want to pass it forward to the information professionals that will surely follow.

Stewart Brower is Director, Schusterman Library, Oklahoma University, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Program: “Creating the Future for Information Professionals”
Bruce Rosenstein


Bruce Rosenstein

Bruce’s talk will focus on a central challenge for today’s librarians and other information professionals: how to discover and define the future in a disruptive and ever-changing world. He will discuss a new approach for how to leverage the profession’s areas of timeless strength, such as superior sensemaking skills and the ability to find, curate and communicate relevant information. This will provide you with new ways to think about and apply these strengths for the highest levels of effectiveness, leading to a better future for you and your organization.

Bruce Rosenstein, is Managing Editor of Leader to Leader, a publication of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute (formerly the Leader to Leader Institute and earlier the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management), and Jossey-Bass.


Carrie Iwema

Program: “The Perils & Promises of Genomic Medicine”
Carrie Iwema, PhD, MLA, AHIP

Advances in DNA sequencing technologies have greatly reduced the cost of whole genome sequencing and created fascinating new areas of study—personal genomics and personalized medicine. Empowered by recent technological advancements, scientists now have the ability to rapidly compare genetic alphabets of groups of people who show a particular trait with those who don’t. Access to your personal genome enables you to identify genetic risk factors or inheritable disease markers you are carrying and can help you and your doctor choose the appropriate medications, dosages, and healthcare strategies. It is more critical than ever to have a basic understanding of the science behind these advances, as well as the associated ethical, legal, and social issues, in order to actively participate in this exciting and rapidly changing field.

Carrie Iwema, PhD, MLA, AHIP, is Information Specialist in Molecular Biology, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh.

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