Conference Speakers

Program: “Point-of-Care Medical Apps: how to use ‘em, how to teach ‘em, how to make ‘em”
Joshua Steinberg, MD

Program description: In the old days, doctors and especially resident and student doctors would stuff the pockets of their white coats with quick references to look stuff up on the fly during patient care.  Now everyone carries the entire internet and nearly limitless reference information on their iPhones.  Most physicians have a few basics on their device.  This session will help reference librarians help physicians to have many great resources on their devices and get the most out of those resources.

Bio: Dr. Steinberg is an evidence based medicine expert with an information mastery focus – how to have the best information to guide care.  He teaches evidence based medicine, critical appraisal of the medical literature, clinical application, and more at SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Binghamton Clinical Campus and UHS Wilson Family Medicine Residency in Binghamton.   He has been published writing several evidence reviews for American Family Physician and DynaMed.  And he is a critically acclaimed developer of point-of-care references himself with about two dozen apps in the iTunes and Google Play app stores with more than 400,000 downloads worldwide.  Dr. Steinberg is also a full spectrum family physician practicing office, hospital, and labor and delivery care.

Program: Wrestlers of Change
Michelle Kraft

Program description: Change is inevitable, nothing escapes it.  Technology changes society completely. Papyrus, the printing press, and computers, not only changed the way information was collected and retrieved but they also created a sociocultural evolution as well. Today, librarians experience many new technologies enabling them to expand and break the stereotype of the traditional librarian and diversify into other areas where their skills and expertise are needed. Librarians must think differently, look in non-traditional areas of opportunity to provide services, resources, and knowledge that may be different than what they are accustom. They may need to re-think established doctrines and eschew them for institutional needs.  They must become wrestlers of change.

Bio: Michelle Kraft, AHIP is the Library Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Floyd D. Loop Alumni Library.  She has published several articles and book chapters and spoken on the topics of medical librarianship, technology and emerging roles of librarians.  She has a very active professional presence on Twitter (@krafty), Facebook ( and on her blog the Krafty Librarian ( ) where she enjoys engaging in lively discussions with librarians across the world on ways to do things better, more efficiently, and questioning the status quo.  Michelle has held various leadership positions within national and state professional organizations.  She was elected as Board Member of the Medical Library Association and later was elected and served as President of the Medical Library Association. She is a past member of the Library Advisory Board of the New England Journal of Medicine and Doody Enterprises Library Board of Advisors. Michelle earned an undergraduate degree in English from St. Louis University and a Master degree in library and information science from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Program: “Polish Your Prose: Editing Your Scholarly & Creative Works”
Sherry Larson-Rhodes

Program Description: This interactive workshop focuses on skills, tips, & techniques to use when editing your own scholarly & creative works. Participants will learn the difference between editing & proofreading, what editors do, & common grammatical issues, & will practice their editing skills. Get ready to rock your red pen!

Bio: Sherry Larson-Rhodes holds an MLS from the State University of New York at Buffalo, an MA in organizational communication from Ohio University, and a BS in geography with a minor in French from Penn State. She has over 20 years of experience in editing, including work for academic, corporate, and government organizations, with materials in engineering, scientific, advertising, and publishing fields. Sherry currently works at SUNY Geneseo’s Milne Library as the First Year Experience Librarian, where in addition to her FYE responsibilities she assists w/the editing of the GREAT (Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement, & Talent) Day Proceedings, as well as providing editing expertise to staff, faculty, and students.

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