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Applications are currently being accepted for the 2015-2016 Professional Development Award and the Ursula H. Poland Scholarships. Please consider applying! Please encourage any talented library school students you know to apply as well.

Professional Development Award
The Professional Development Award is intended to provide an opportunity for a librarian/information specialist to pursue a continuing education/professional development opportunity in the area of health sciences librarianship. Continuing education opportunities can include: registration fees for courses, programs, workshops, and conferences sponsored by UNYOC, professional organizations, regional library councils, graduate schools of library/information science or colleges and universities. The amount of the award is $500. One such award will be given per UNYOC membership year (Jan.-Dec.). Please apply here. Applications will be accepted until July 31, 2015.

Ursula H. Poland Scholarship
The Ursula H. Poland Scholarship, sponsored by UNYOC, provides an opportunity for library school students to pursue or explore health sciences librarianship. The scholarship is intended to offset the cost of a course in a topic related to health sciences librarianship. Course work must be taken for credit and must be scheduled after June 1, 2015 but before June 15, 2016. There will be one scholarship awarded to a Canadian applicant and one to a US applicant. Please apply here. Applications will be accepted until July 29, 2015.

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Take the MLA Public Policy Engagement & Toolkit survey

Take the MLA Public Policy Engagement & Toolkit survey

An online public policy toolkit is being developed as part of an MLA Rising Stars project in collaboration with members of the Governmental Relations Committee and the Joint MLA/AAHSL Legislative Task Force.  The purpose of the toolkit is to provide a roadmap for MLA and AAHSL members, sections, and chapters.  The toolkit will explain the type, level, and depth of public policy involvement that is available to members, and demonstrate the potential impact involvement could have on the health sciences library community.

You input is valuable; please take a few minute to complete this brief, anonymous survey:


Any survey respondent who chooses may be entered into a drawing to receive small gift of appreciation from MLA!  The survey closes on Friday, April 17.


Save the date, UNYOC 2015

Lofts On Pearl

Lofts On Pearl

Mark your calendar today!

UNYOC 2015 will be held October 21 – 23, 2015 at the Lofts on Pearl in the beautiful Buffalo Brewery District in Buffalo, NY.

Use the tag #UNYOC15 on social media.

Check back for more details!


Professional Development Award Blog post by Nell Aronoff

Guest Blogger Nell Aronoff

Guest Blogger Nell Aronoff

The UNYOC/MLA meeting in Saratoga Springs was an action packed couple of days. Nationally recognized librarians spoke about the work that they do and other UNYOC members talked about initiatives that they spearheaded in their libraries. The creation of an e-library for allied health workers in Bangladesh, writing retreats that coincided with chapter meetings, the consolidation of two service desks at an academic health sciences library, and the concept of “rapid onboarding” were all explored in a diverse set of project briefings. Posters and lightning talks rounded out the conference, which touched on many current issues in medical and health science librarianship.

As the librarian and liaison to the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences the University at Buffalo, I was particularly interested in the content that related to medical education. Assessment and evaluation of instruction sessions given to medical students and residents were addressed. There is a reason that students sometimes perform better in a pre-test than in a post-test! There was also a demonstration and discussion about how to set up an audience response system to teach evidence based medicine (EBM). Audience Response System Jeopardy seems like a fun way to introduce EBM concepts and engage learners. In addition to those topics, a couple of the talks centered on the Millennial generation as social media users, up and coming librarians or physicians, and as library patrons. Being a part of this generation made me think about what we can do as librarians to accommodate the needs and habits of Millennials in our library.

Towards the end of the conference, I gave my first professional presentation, a five minute lightning talk. Public speaking is consistently listed as one of the top things people fear, and it can still be intimidating for me even though I teach in front of groups regularly. Before the conference and in light of this new intra-professional context, there was some added pressure! As I got to know other members of the organization, this pressure subsided. Getting more acquainted with members of the group during the welcome reception, the dinner, and throughout the conference gave me a greater sense of belonging and helped calm my nerves. The new pressure was to keep to my five minute time frame! I nearly accomplished this feat, but ah well; there’ll be a next time!

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